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Cody is now offering Hand-Crafted "Shootin' Sticks"!
Bill Zearing has personally designed, crafted, and tested these shooting sticks himself, using information that he gathered over more than 5 decades in the field. Training the spans from the young, first timers to the experienced hunters looking for an edge.

These will be your favorite hiking sticks.
They will help you on your journey into the woods or fields...
stepping over logs or just help in climbing or decending those hills.

These shootin' sticks are available in flamed oak and walnut.  Camo patterns are snow camo, muddy girl, and green camo.  Other woods and patterns may be available. 

All Shootin' Sticks are…
Made by hand. No CNC machine used in production
Engineered with 3 layers of wood for strength and durability
Sticks are made of wood, leather and rubber. They contain NO metal or plastic parts
They are constructed one at a time
Super quiet while walking
They are very light and easily adjusted for each shot
Each stick has several holds to shoot from

They can be used in all types of hunts…

  • Rifle
  • Flintlock
  • Inline Muzzleloaders
  • Small Game
  • Pistols
  • Varmint & Predator
  • Turkey
  • and many more

• Available in a variety of woods and patterns
• Available in 3 sizes: 44", 54" and 64"
• No noisy steel
• No triggers to wear out
• Lightweight

Priced as follows:
44"  $105.00 each
54"  $115.00 each
64"  $125.00 each
Add $12.00 per stick for camo pattern.
Shipping and handling will be extra.

Let your sticks, along with your gun, be your constant companion on your hunts. This will give you exercise to your body and independence to the mind. And remember, no free man should be debarred of the right of arms!

Proudly Hand-Crafted in the USA


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