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To: Bill

My daughter Serena was given “The 6.5 One Sider” at the youth day event held at Martz’s Game Farm in 2010 and we have been using it since then with no luck. Well I got to say her luck was turned on Saturday 21 April 2012 because this long beard liked the music coming from this call.He finally gave her a shot at 25 yards and she put this tom down.

It had a 10 1/8” beard 1” spurs and weighed in at 16 lbs..This is the first turkey she has shot and what a bird it is for a first timer.I just wanted to say Thank You for providing the Lykens Valley Long Beards Chapter of the NWTF with a great gift. Although Serena is only 10 years old she tells me she is addicted to turkey hunting forever. Thank You for helping make this possible.


Serena's Turkey

To: Bill Zearing, Cody Turkey Calls

It will soon be 30 years since I purchased my first Cody turkey call; a World Class glass. Over the years it has become my "killing call"; producing the best soft clucks and purrs so important for getting those old gobblers to come in the last critical yards.

I have also accumulated several box calls which I thought sounded good...until last spring when I bought my first 6.5 walnut box call.  I've had more than one experienced turkey hunter say it's the best sounding box call they've ever heard.  The first time I used it was April 1, 2010 in South Carolina.  From the roost, the gobbler went ballistic, flew down and strutted through an open field to our decoys where he quickly became my son's first gobbler. A couple of days later, another mature gobbler demonstrated similar reactions to the call, even getting underneath a wire fence in coming to our setup.  He became my son's second trophy.

During the first 3 weeks of South Carolina's 2011 spring season, my son and I killed 7 long-beards and 2 jakes using the same 6.5 box and original World Class glass calls. In response to the 6.5, one of these long-beards flew across a river and swamp to our setup where the "killing call" glass finally closed the deal following a lengthy hangup. These Cody calls again helped to create an unforgettable turkey hunting experience for my son and the most intense, ground-vibrating gobbling I've ever enjoyed.  Like most fathers, I love my son dearly and would do anything for him, but he's not getting my Cody turkey calls; I'll buy him some for his own!

I also found your instructional video very helpful, I finally learned the proper way to hold and run the 6.5 box call and your tips reinforced sound turkey hunting skills. Thank you for your quality hand-made turkey calls that have helped to make many memorable spring gobbler hunts.

Dana Calhoun
Mechanicsburg, PA

To: Bill Zearing, Cody Turkey Calls

I've been hunting turkeys for over 30 years. I have used many calls and have yet to find a more realistic, user friendly call than your World Class slate call! On my first hunt using this call, I called in 4 longbeards from over 160 yards away from 15 hens. The 10 year old boy I was guiding, harvested a very nice 3 year old bird. These birds gobbled to every call I made! From yelps to clucks and purrs, this call is awesome.

I also have one of your Spec 1 glass calls and it has "the ring", when you make yelps, that will make your ears bleed!! If they don't gobble to this, they are not going to gobble today. This is my "GO TO" call in afternoons and evening hunts.

A person would have better luck trying to borrow my gun than they would either of these calls.

Rob Robert

Gobbler Guns
Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks


I just watched your profile story on Sportsman's Channel. I wanted to share with you a little story. Fourteen years ago I decided to get serious about turkey hunting at the tender age of 36. I had a buddy who was a great teacher. Even though I was a lifelong hunter and fisherman, I had not gotten serious about turkey. About 8 years ago, I happened to be in a store and picked up a Cody slate call. WOW is all I can say. I knew in an instant that the tone of this call and the easy use made it stand out.

I bought the same call through L.L.Bean a year later and never looked back. I have so much confidence in this call and after watching the processs that you go through to select the proper wood for the call, I understand why you get the consistancy in the tone of your calls. I, like you, have young boys coming up in the hunting lifestyle, and I take every chance possible to expose them to my hunting outtings. My 5 and 8 year old boys help me track every deer and sit with me in the woods.

My oldest son was in a backpack carrier at age 1-1/2 when we called in a pair of longbeards for harvest. I only wish my dad had spent that kind of time with me. Who knows what I would be today, perhaps a maker of fine turkey calls!

Thanks for making such a nice product.

Mark Vermeer
Ravenna, Michigan

Dear Bill and Deb Zearing,

Thank you so, so, so much for signing and giving Eden the turkey call. It was perfect timing since April 19th is her birthday. She turns 8. She watched the CD you sent and has absorbed every word.

She went hunting with us yesterday, Sunday, and I killed a good gobbler using the Woodsman's slate and the Southern Belle box calls. The bird was really eating up the slate. I killed him at 15'. He was about to run me over. Your calls are truly works of art and the very best I have ever used both for quality and sound.

Also, I called in an old bird Saturday that we had been working on three times last year and couldn't close the deal. He really liked the Southern Belle box call and my partner killed him. It was probably a four year old. We harversted these birds in North Central New Mexico. Elevation about 7500-8500 feet. Near the Jicarilla Indian Reservation. North and west of Sante Fe, New Mexico just below the Colorado border. We live near Cuba, NM.

Very Sincerely,
Ernie and Linda Current

April 1, 2010

Mr. Bill Zearing
Cody Turkey Calls
65A Danner Road
Halifax, PA 17032

Dear Bill,

In 1993 I was turkey hunting with a friend that used a Cody call. After hearing him run the call, I immediately got in touch with you and ordered a World Class slate call, and a World Class glass call. It was the best decision I ever made turkey hunting. At that time I was a beginner turkey hunter but as soon as I started using your calls I began harvesting turkeys on a regular basis. Eighteen years later I use your calls exclusively. Never have I heard another call that sounds as realistic as a Cody. It always gives me great pleasure to call in a tom when I am competing against a live hen. It happened again to start this season. Your commitment to quality is rare in today's world. Every time I believe that the sound cannot get any better from a Cody call, you find a way to improve, either in call design or strikers. I have many Cody calls and I still use them all. They have greatly enhanced my turkey hunting experience. Thank you to you and your family on your commitment to making the very best turkey calls.


Kevin Teston
Mossy Oak

May 11, 2011
Spanish Fort

Dear Bill,
Our season ended and as usual, as glad as I was to see it come, I am even gladder to see it fade away. I cannot let the year go by without writing to tell you how much I have enjoyed the call you sent me, and talk about how it worked.

I showed it to a collection of people hunting near Blountstown, Florida, six or seven people all in the thoroughly experienced class. To a man, and two of them make their own calls and have the usual pride of proprietorship in their handiwork, they admitted that they never heard anything like it. One of the group, a close and old friend, came in from the front porch to tell me that I had better go get my call and hide it because it was going to disappear. I don't know how many of them swore they were going to order one, I don't know how many did, but if you had been there you could have taken orders for a dozen.

I don't know what you make the core out of, and I am not asking, nor do I propose to tell you how to do anything in the turkey call business, but the one you sent me is unique and I have taken to carrying it and a couple of mouth calls. They don't sound as good as yours but for real close work, not having to reach down and pick yours up



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